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May 18, 2023

Welcome to the Raw Ingredients podcast with your host, Chef "Panini" Pete Blohme! In this episode, Chef Pete is joined by special guest Chef Bell as they explore the diverse career paths available in the culinary world.

With decades of combined experience in the industry, Chef Pete and Chef Bell discuss the various career options available to aspiring chefs, including catering, personal chef services, culinary education, and more.

Throughout the episode, they provide valuable insights on the challenges and rewards of each path, offering practical advice and tips for those looking to pursue a career in the culinary arts. They also share their personal experiences, from traveling the world to hone their craft to working with high-end clients.

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, this episode of Raw Ingredients is a must-listen for anyone interested in a career in the culinary world. So tune in, relax, and join Chef Pete and Chef Bell as they explore the many different paths that can lead to a successful and fulfilling career in food.


May 11, 2023

Welcome to the Raw Ingredients podcast, a show that delves into the world of culinary arts with some of the most innovative chefs and food enthusiasts. Hosted by Chef "Panini" Pete Blohme, this episode features a special guest, Eric Rivera, founder of the Vintage Hospitality Group in Montgomery, Alabama.

In this episode, Eric shares his journey as a chef and entrepreneur, from running hotel restaurants to creating one of the most innovative restaurant groups in Alabama. Listeners will hear about Eric's passion for bringing diverse flavors and techniques to the table and how he incorporates his multicultural background into his cooking.

As two chefs who are committed to creating unforgettable dining experiences, Eric and Pete discuss the art of menu planning and the importance of using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The conversation also touches on how to create a dining experience that not only tastes great but also tells a story and creates a lasting memory.

Throughout the episode, the discussion also delves into Eric's unique approach to hospitality and how he creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for guests. Listeners will learn about the challenges of running a restaurant group during a pandemic and how Eric has adapted to the changing landscape of the industry.

So join Chef "Panini" Pete Blohme and Eric Rivera on this delicious journey as they explore the raw ingredients of culinary excellence on the Raw Ingredients podcast.


May 4, 2023

Nestled between the base of the French Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, this world-famous gambling haven … (checks notes) … apologies. Wrong Monte Carlo. (And, to be fair, we were wondering how Chef Pete managed to interview a geographic region of a European principality).

No, on this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast, Chef Pete sits down with Masterchef finalist Monti Carlo, who we are reasonably assured is not a region in Monaco because of the amazing journey she will take you and Chef Pete on in this episode. From auditioning to Masterchef to earn basic scale pay (about $50, FYI) to ascending the culinary heights to becoming an advisor to the prestigious James Beard Association.

Chefs Monti and Pete will talk perseverance, hard work, fusion cooking, her upcoming book about inclusivity in the culinary world and why you should always split a pair of 8s on the blackjack table … (okay, admittedly, not the last one, but the writing staff here had this whole gambling metaphor with the other Monte Carlo riff and when it turns out that it wasn’t that Monte Carlo … you get it, right?)

Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can bet it all on this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast to satisfy your hunger for the perfect podcast.

Apr 27, 2023


Are you mired in a moor of mediocre? Do you long for the glories and triumphs of days past but lack the knowledge and know-how you need to make everything old new again? Well, listeners, you’re in luck this week because for the low, low cost of … well, absolutely nothing … on this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast, Chef Pete has an off-the-menu special that is tailor-made to satisfy your appetite for amazing advice - it’s the charismatic and riveting Kayla Robison, the chef and culinary influencer that was the driving force behind pushing the renowned Arnold’s of Cincinnati from the plateau it found itself on for years into an enigmatic eatery celebrating a brand new heyday.

Chef Kayla and Chef Pete will give you the recipe for revitalization that you crave - with such daring ingredients including the classic rebranding, the mildly difficult menu redesign, the crowd-pleasing community outreach and so much more - no matter what your vocation may be, the tips, tools and tricks the chefs will prepare for you this week will be a constant staple for you and your business.

So, don’t you want to listen in and figure out how to step your game up from “Meh” to “Mmmmm” - of course you do. Grab your plate and settle in for a heaping helping of this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast - you’ll be glad you save room for this much-needed meal of a show.

Apr 13, 2023

There’s a lot of famous Browns out there - from Bad, Bad Leroy to kid detective Encyclopedia, Godfather of Soul James to Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby - but this week, Chef Pete sits down with one of the best Browns of them all … Friend of the Podcast Todd “Get Around” Brown.

Get Around Brown has … well … gotten around as a chef, caterer and restaurant consultant, so he has relevant and useful experience in almost every aspect of the industry and he and Chef Pete talk about his experiences, influences and the challenges facing the culinary industry today. Get Around’s passion for the culinary arts certainly shines through during this entire episode, so grab a plate and hunker down for a heaping helping of this week’s Raw Ingredients podcast.


Apr 6, 2023


We move the map from Eastern Europe slightly south to Lebanon this week, as Chef Pete sits down with Boston restaurateur and owner of Mike’s City Diner Jay Hajj for a delectable dialogue about the importance of cultural heritage within the culinary world.

They’ll chew the fat about the challenges of running a successful restaurant, spoon out advice for aspiring chefs and even indulge in a little name dropping with some of Jay’s remembrances of cooking for some top-notch celebrities like Taylor Swift and Mr. Six Degrees of Separation HImself - the great Kevin Bacon. Was Swift served swiftly? Did he serve bacon to Bacon? You’ll have to listen to find out.

This week’s episode is a delightful little morsel so be ready to have your auditory appetite whetted with this week’s Raw Ingredients podcast.


Mar 30, 2023

What do you know about Bulgaria? That it is the oldest country in Europe? That it has over 40,000 cultural landmarks? That it is the birthplace of yogurt? Well, maybe you knew none of those things, but after this week’s episode of the Raw Ingredients Podcast, you’ll know all about this beauty of the Balkans after enjoying Chef Pete’s amazing chat with Chef Nina Manchev from Las Vegas’ Forte Tapas.

Get ready for an all-encompassing conversation about the importance of seasonal and local produce, regional herbs and spices you’ll want to stock your pantry with. They’ll also discuss how challenging bringing another country’s cuisine to the American table can be, as well as the cultural significance of being able to celebrate the cuisine of your homeland.

So, grab a plate and get ready to tuck in for this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast.

Feb 23, 2023

We’ve got an interesting invitee on this week’s Raw Ingredients podcast, as Chef Pete sits down with a fellow chef who has the honor of being a famous first - hailing from the great state of New Jersey, where he owns and operates the landmark Bayway Diner - it’s Chef Michael Giunta, whose Bayway Diner was the first restaurant ever featured on the iconic Food Network series “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” (and a shoutout to Best Friend of the Pod Guy Fieri, of course).


From learning the craft at legendary culinary haunts that included Le Jardin and The Greenhouse to owning his own successful restaurant and catering business, Chef Mike certainly know his way around a kitchen and is known for his culinary artistry, his willingness to innovate and try new things, and his stick-to-it-ive-ness that has helped him persevere throughout his storied career. You’ll enjoy hearing his inspirational insights and sensational stories as he and Chef Pete talk about what it takes to go the distance in the crazy culinary game.


So, tie that napkin around your neck, listeners, and get ready for a heaping helping of this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast.


Feb 16, 2023
From her start at Bennigan's to winning a James Beard Award for Best Midwest Chef, this week's special guest on The Raw Ingredients podcast has gone the distance, shown persistence and is a model example for showing what a can-do attitude can, indeed, do - it's the owner and executive chef of the renowned Belfry restaurant in Kansas City - Friend of the Show Celina Tio.
Celina has worked in almost every possible part of the culinary world and has steadily risen through the ranks to earn her award-winning status, so she and Chef Pete have a meaningful discussion about how to mentor the next generation of upcoming chefs and culinary artists and making sure to actively promote diversity and inclusiveness as the absolute necessities they are. Creating positive and supportive work environments doesn't just happen naturally, so the chefs will have you some great recipes to cook up a quality workplace that will have employees beating down your doors to come and join.
This week's episode is one that should not be missed, so grab your plate and come on in to this week's Raw Ingredients podcast - where we always leave you wanting more.
Feb 9, 2023
El Pollo may be Loco, but this week's special guest for The Raw Ingredients is far from Loco in her dedication and drive to continue to develop new ideas and opportunities within the food industry - it's Heather Gardea, Vice President of Research and Development for El Pollo Loco.
Heather, a fellow CIA alumna, and Chef Pete have a free-ranging, wide-spanning conversation about the food industry at large and the many different ways people can be a part of that ever-expanding economic driver. Whether its farm to table, production, distribution, food science and technology, sustainability ... the industry of eating is as expansive as the waists of those of us who help fuel that industry. Heather provides a great perspective of what the industry as a whole looks like and she and Chef Pete will show you that working in the culinary arts is a lot more than just making and serving food.
So, grab a plate and dig in to this week's episode of The Raw Ingredients - we always leave you hungry for more.
Feb 2, 2023
Loyal listeners and Friends of the Podcast, get out your Sunday best for this week's episode of the Raw Ingredients Podcast because we're having the best sort of event possible - not a just a swell shindig, not just a bountiful box social or a festive fete ... no, it's the best sort of get-together because it's an "Aarti Party" with Chef Pete and this week's special guest - celebrated chef and television hostess with the mostest, the amazing Aarti Sequeria.
As the winner of Season 6 of the Food Network reality show staple "The Next Food Network Star," Chef Aarti has been there, seen that and done it all - private chef, caterer, cookbook author, television personality and arguably the greatest judge on the dais for "Guy's Grocery Games." And she and Chef Pete have a great conversation about something that all of us experience in our worlds from time to time that has to be dealt with - chaos. Through their conversation, Chef Aarti helps to paint an auditory picture of how to weave and construct beauty and meaning from the swirling vortex of chaos and how to go from strugglin' to husslin'.
Consider these notes your official invitation to come join what will be a marvelous party with a little extra lagniappe of life advice. Here's cheers, listeners.
Jan 23, 2023
It's always important to have self-confidence, to be able to know and believe that you have the strength and ability to rise to any challenge before you - we can all agree that's a positive, right? But what happens when self-confidence turns into pompous self-absorption and our egos outpace our ability - thankfully, we have the perfect guide to answer this age-old question with Chef Pete on this week's Raw Ingredients Podcast - the ever-exceptional restaurateur and television personality Chef Maneet Chauhan.
Born in Amritsar India, Chef Maneet has run the gamut from her humble beginnings at various hotels and restaurants back in India to graduating with honors from the Culinary Institute of America (also Chef Pete's alma mater) to opening her own ridiculously amazing restaurant Chauhan Ale and Masala House in Nashville ... oh, and also competing on a little show you may have heard of before ... "Iron Chef America." That's right, y'all - we have a Kitchen Stadium gladiator on the pod this week, so you know it's gonna be a good one.
But even with all of her honors, accolades and achievements, Chef Maneet exudes the essence of why taming the ego and highlighting humility are absolutely vital keys to success in any field. She'll hit us with some best practices to be our best selves without reaching the braggadocious and borish. Leave some extra room on your auditory plate for this week's episode - you'll want to have a double helping of this week's show.

Jan 17, 2023
This week, Chef Pete brings you one of the most interesting individuals to ever grace The Raw Ingredients Podcast - the man, the myth, the legend ... both in his own mind and just in general ... it's nationally syndicated radio show host Terry Jaymes of the "Lex and Terry Radio Network" fame.
You've often heard the phrase "The struggle is real," but no one has had real struggle like Terry Jaymes and still come through it all to turn failure into success each and every time - whether his (mis)adventures in the game of basketball, losing his dream job in the middle of trying to buy a new house for his family, failing to keep a major market radio job and getting fired twice in Dallas (at least they didn't shoot him like they did J.R. Ewing?) ... our man Terry has seen it all and been through it all, and he's bringing his wisdom, wit and a bit of whimsy to us all.
He and Chef Pete talk about his amazing abilities to pull success from the jaws of failure in a free-wheeling, fun to listen to episode that you surely do not want to miss.
So, sit down, grab a plate and get ready for a satisfying episode of The Raw Ingredients Podcast.






Jan 10, 2023
We're normally pretty humorous and cute with these notes here every week, but with this week's focal topic being mental health and taking time to take care of yourself, we thought it best to drop the schtick and focus on the importance of this issue and this week's guest, Tokiwa Sears, who fully understands the burnout and issues facing the food and drink industry.
Sears is the head mixologist for the iconic and James Beard Award-winning One Flew South at the Atlanta Airport. Both she and Chef Pete aren't afraid to talk about the culinary world's seldom discussed secret of burnout and mental health concerns, and Sears even shares what she went through in 2020 when she exited bartending in order to take time for self-care and self-assessment. And while that might not be an option for everyone, she and Chef Pete will talk about ways any and all of us can take of ourselves amidst the hustle and bustle of our work and personal lives.
Do yourself a favor and check out this week's episode of The Raw Ingredients - mental health issues affect each and every one of us from time to time, and the tips you glean from here may well help you help others or yourself sometime in the future.
Jan 3, 2023

He's a frequent Food Network regular. An award-winning cookbook writer. A digital series host. A frequent talk show guest. One of People Magazine's "Sexiest Chefs Alive." And the first-ever two-time champion of the "Chopped" TV series. Figure out who this week's guest is? Of course, it had to be the man, the myth, the legend Chef James Briscione blessing us with his presence this week's episode of The Raw Ingredients.

Chef Pete and Chef James will take you on a tonal trip through Chef James' life and career where you'll learn that you can't shortcut the seasons of your life where you're meant to grind it out - it's that grinding that gives us the finished, polished edges that make us better than we were. They'll also focus on earning respect through a method that sounds simple but is not the path for the lazy and undedicated - it's called work, hard work and showing your team that you aren't afraid to trudge down into the trenches and muck in with them.

So, get ready to be given a lifetime's worth of lessons from the Chef who is Bringing Sexy Back and Good Work Ethic Back - you know you're gonna wanna dig in on this week's episode.

Dec 19, 2022
This week on The Raw Ingredients Podcast, we've got a great treat for all you loyal listeners straight out of Philly, PA - no, not the Fresh Prince who was West Philadelphia born and raised, if we remember correctly - it's the hilarious and hard-working Chef Brian Duffy, the foremost public figure rocking the surname Duffy in America today (Sorry, Patrick Duffy, but you haven't really done much since "Step by Step" in the 1990s ... and we don't count the TNT "Dallas" reboot nonsense. Do better).
Chefs Pete and Brian talk the talk about walking the walk, as we learn about how Chef Brian's origin story with his culinary career got started through the quintessential Sunday night dinners he enjoyed with his Irish-Italian family. That love and passion for good food and comradery is what spurred his awesome adventures throughout his career and whether it was learning under a James Beard Award-winning chef at The Four Seasons in Philadelphia, creating and crafting the "New Celtic" cuisine, rescuing bars on a certain television show about rescuing bars or building his own brand to create "Duffified Spaces" across the globe, everyone can enjoy and engage with Chef Brian's terrific tales.
So, grab your silverware and settle in for a good, long dinner of delightful dialogue - you won't want to miss a single Duffified dish on this week's episode.


Dec 13, 2022
Now, normally when the word "boards" comes up in conversation on our show, it's of course going to be a congenial chat about charcuterie - the bougie meat and cheese boards that people love to nosh on but can't pronounce or spell to save their lives. But this week, the Boards in question are Kodiak Boards made by Bear Walker Industries and this week's special guest Bear Walker - and while you could perhaps use them as interesting plating for a capicola or a nice hard smoked gouda, it's probably best to use them for their recommended usage: stunning skateboards that are both fully functional and amazing artwork.
Whether it's serving food with love from your kitchen that turns into a restaurant empire or taking a college art project and working your way up into a full-fledged industry and business, there's a key ingredient you've got to have - passion. Chef Pete and Bear talk about how passion can help fuel the fires that turn craft and talent into bona fide business. They'll also teach us that failure isn't final - it's an interesting opportunity to learn and grow.
Strap on a helmet and get ready to grind on this week's Raw Ingredients Podcast - it'll be great and gnarly (Apologies from the writing staff this week ... our knowledge of skater culture and slang began and ended with the cult classic 1986 Josh Brolin film "Thrashin" ... and that Avril Lavigne song from the early '00s).
P.S. Chef Pete's new book "Spatula Success" has hit the shelves so visit to find out more about this rad book.
Dec 6, 2022

In life, sometimes we are lucky enough to come across a truly great human being, a sort of person who fits the trope of the "Renaissance Man," someone who has a vast amount of knowledge, expertise and wisdom in a large number of different fields - and this week on The Raw Ingredients, Chef Pete is serving straight to your table a sit-down session with just such a man - his fellow CIA alum Mike Finelli.

Mike has run the gamut of the gastronomical game so when he talks, he means business (and having an actual business degree from Fordham doesn't hurt there either). While we normally get to chew and chat with current chefs and culinary characters, Mike's conversation with Chef Pete shows us that sometimes even our podcast has to come out of the kitchen once and a while and see the larger world that is the complete culinary industry - and Mike's long and winding journey to where he is now is an amazing look at achieving your dreams and being open to where the world may take you, which, in his case, meant a nice Italian excursion that you'll be glad you go to enjoy.

Because a restaurant isn't just a restaurant - like Mike tells us, it's every business out there all rolled up into one so this episode is a full five-course meal for each and every eager entrepreneur out there to taste and enjoy,.

And, last but certainly not least, we want to be sure to announce that Chef Pete's new book "Spatula Success" has hit the shelves so visit to find out more about this terrific tome that you will be delighted to devour.


Nov 29, 2022

America may be divided in a lot of different ways but there’s at least one thing that we can all agree on - a deep and abiding love for barbecue. (Just don’t get into the regional “Here’s how WE prepare it argument,” or Kansas City, Memphis, Texas and the Carolinas will come out swinging… and that’s just the first tier)

So, who better to procure for this week’s Raw Ingredients podcast than one of the men responsible for spreading the Gospel of Good BBQ, the Prophet of Pulled Pork himself - Mike Fernandez, one of the founders of Moe’s Original BBQ.
Chef Pete whips up a tasty episode with Mike this week, as he takes us from Moe’s slow-cooked start with a street-side smoker, a group of guys and a dream to a multimillion dollar BBQ empire among the Top 10 in the entire country. He and Chef Pete will give you the recipe for figuring out how to make your dreams come true, too - and, spoiler alert, it’s putting in the time, the effort and the sweat equity, an ingredient in successful business just like smoked paprika is in … well, really, anything that tastes good.
You’ll leave listening to this week’s episode feeling inspired and motivated … and probably slightly hungry for some quality smoked meats, so grab your plate and fill it full of this week’s Raw Ingredients Podcast.
Nov 21, 2022

Well, loyal listeners, we have got quite the amuse-bouche for you this week, one that is literally the top of the tops in the culinary circle - it's Top Chef Season 16 winner and Alabama's own Kelsey Barnard Clark here to share her wisdom and wit with Chef Pete.

On this week's episode of The Raw Ingredients Podcast, we chew the fat with the famous fan favorite Chef Kelsey, the first Southerner to bring home that coveted TV title. From her start in high-end catering during her teenage years (including solo catering an entire wedding at the age of 15) and graduating from the Culinary Institute of America to working at some of New York City's marquis Michelin-star eateries like Cafe Boulud under Gavin Kaysen and Dovetail with John Fraser, her gastronomic grounding in Southern cuisine pairs perfectly with the classic French techniques she has learned along her journey to create nouveau food forms that never fail to please.

She's currently the Queen of Cuisine in Dothan, Alabama, with her catering company, Kelsey Barnard Catering and restaurant KBC, nestled in the historic downtown area. With a book coming out soon and a new restaurant idea coming to fruition, we're lucky to have her get to chat here with Chef Pete, as the two discuss one of the keys to having a solid career and life: it's not about how you look to others, it's about doing the job and doing it right.

So, "Bonjour" and "Hey, y'all," come listen in and load up on all the fixins in this week's Raw Ingredients Podcast.


Dec 28, 2021
This week's episode is smokin' hot, so if grilling and barbecuing lights your fire, you're going to especially love it, as Chef Pete sits down with the Mama of Meats Misty Bachero - best known on Instagram as the popular account Seattle Butcher's Wife, where she shares and showcases smokin' and sizzlin' sustenance to over 50,000 people across the globe and schools them on how simple it is to start cooking with live fire.
Of course, she has bone-a fide credentials in the metier of meats, as her husband Angelo is a fourth-generation butcher boss at Mondo & Sons, home of the famous and well-loved Banchero sausage that remains a highly-guarded family secret that should be put in the vault with the Original Coca-Cola recipe and the Colonel's 13 herbs and spices. They also custom-craft hams, bacon and other mouthwatering meat products while also making sure everything stays as sustainable and locally sourced as possible.
Misty talks to Chef Pete about how she got going in the grilling game, when she grabbed hold of a Traeger grill and it ... literally lit a fire for her to share her culinary creations and spotlight the family business and the hard work generations of Bancheros have put into it. And it's important to Misty to be a woman in the grilling and chilling world, as she feels that what she does helps more women feel more comfortable and confident in using a grill or smoker - the Spice Girls had "Girl Power"; should Misty's be "Grill Power"? "Grill Girl Power"? Let us know in the comments...
Misty also takes on her role as the baroness of branding, taking you through ways to get support for your brand, collaboration advice and how to blend your brand with other partners while still keeping your individual feel and flavor - and she reminds us all that what we do should be about passion and love, not just making a buck or two.
This week's episode is stuffed full of spicy, smoky sweetness, so sit down and enjoy the experience.
Dec 21, 2021
Grab your glass and let's raise a toast for this week's special guest Michael Tipps, master mixologist and expert from the hit TV show "Bar Rescue," as he and our humble host Panini Pete pop some bottles and serve up some sensational soundbytes that will be a handcrafted cocktail for your ears.
With over 26 years of experience in the hospitality world throughout hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs - our guy Michael has done it all, from tending bar to managing some of the country's biggest and best venues. His story starts in South Florida, where he quickly rose through the ranks in an assortment of front of house positions in the food and libation game, but young Michael had his sights set on the capital of the culinary world: New York City. At the tender age of 19, he packed up and headed to the Big Apple, eventually landing a grand gig behind the bar at the prestigious Tribeca Grand Hotel. Through hard work and his inherent skills and unique abilities, this wunderkind was whisked into a plum managerial role - not an easy feat for someone so young - and he wowed the brass by creating and implementing multiple food and beverage programs that increased revenue while decreasing costs ... but without sacrificing quality. His innovations in improving guest services and getting greater returns from his staff are tremendous tips that shouldn't be missed.
And, of course, he then heads to "Bar Rescue," but his champagne dreams of TV stardom and fame turn to warm beer realities after he has to leave the show. Down and out, he's not too proud to admit he had to beg for bar and hosting jobs for pennies on the dollar to try to get back on his feet. But, our boy Michael ain't a quitter - and through hard work and getting his hands dirty, he's got up out of the gastro gutter and slugged his way back to being the best and brightest in the bartending business. He maneuvered his way into the "Mixology" craze through the help and guidance of Sasha Petraske (of Milk & Honey fame, of course) and used his sharp mind and hardworking hands to bring the class back to the classic cocktail.
Now, he travels all over the country, sharing his wisdom as a consultant to help every eatery he can find ways to construct captivating culinary and cocktail creations while also building a better sense of how to serve their community better. The shots of savvy suggestions he serves about entrepreneurial spirit, investing intentionally, and the art of serving will have you clamoring for one more round before the podcast hits last call.
And, don't worry - you won't need a chaser for this week's episode: from start to finish, it goes down smooth and sweet. Here's cheers!
Dec 14, 2021
This week's episode features a guest that has an important connection to Chef Pete's life and ... well... to people who love paninis in general since he's apparently related to the guy who invented our favorite pressed sandwich: Chef Brent Lahaye, owner of Noodles Panini in Fort Lauderdale.
His career is a family tradition, as his dad is one of the founders of the legendary Fort Lauderdale spot and Florida icon "Shooters on the Water," which has a special place in our host's history, as Chef Pete worked there early in his career as a busboy. Brent began his career working at "Club Dallas," his father's night club and then joined the team that helped launch the Shooters restaurant, which continues to set the Florida culinary world ablaze year after year. But, he and Chef Pete will go into their shared history with that benevolent bar and institution in a way that will make you feel reminiscent of a good ol' fashioned family reunion - without the worry of Aunt Mildred and her nasty potato salad with the raisins in it.
Brent will also discuss his culinary school journey and several other stops along the way (you know we're #TeamNoSpoilers here) before opening Noodles Panini, a place of his own that he might have had an old friend come to help advise him with along the way ... couldn't possibly think of who that might be, but his name might rhyme with Shmanini Shmete.
Apart from the tidal wave of nostalgia in this week's episode, you'll also get advice on how to navigate the path to your desires and how to build the business of your dreams even while fighting the vampires of self-doubt, lack of fulfillment and decision questioning.
You definitely don't want to be the only family member not at the old homestead for this week's The Raw Ingredients, so go throw on your reunion t-shirt, come on down, grab a plate and get ready for some hemming, hawing, hilarity and helpful hints. And we'll make sure Aunt Mildred can't get in - seriously, that potato salad might actually be a war crime...
Dec 7, 2021
This week, Chef Pete's special guest is a new friend and boss barbecue blogger Dan Phelps of Learning to Smoke. Dan's blog brings barbecue best practices right to your fingertips on your phone or tablet and his Instagram account (also Learning to Smoke) is just straight up droolworthy and will have you begging for brisket and pleading for pork.
Much like the U.S. Mail service, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will stop Dan from his appointed task - giving the Good Word about the Gospel of Barbecue. He is meticulous about everything he does and showcases, taking special care in developing his recipes and being selective and honest about the products he reviews.
This innovative influencer takes us through the trials and errors of getting to where you want to go and how to build a brand from the bottom floor up. This is not your typical episode of our podcast - it's definitely a different flavor, maybe with hints of mesquite ... hickory ... pecan ... whatever it is, it's smoky, it's spicy and you're going to want to come back for seconds, so listen in right now.
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